Important Notes:

All registrants wishing to receive CEU credit must:

1) Present a current state registration card
2) Present a valid picture identification during sign-in
3) Sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of the seminar before receiving the Certificate of Completion.

AFSEP reserves the right to refuse a Certificate of Completion to any participant who fails to attend the seminar in its entirety.

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Upcoming Live Continuing Education Webinars:

Participants must be present for at least 50 minutes of a 1 hour webinar to receive credit per NYS regulation.  All Certificates of Attendance will be e-mailed to attendees at the conclusion of the event.  Only registered attendees are eligible to receive a certificate.

Each registrant must use their unique email to register.  Our system will email only one certificate per email address for any given webinar.  This is an attempt to reduce fraud.  (example:  You have 4 funeral directors in your office and you register all 4 using  Only the last person to be registered will receive a certificate.  Instead, use each funeral director’s individual email when registering).  Additionally, each registrant must be logged into the webinar room using a unique device.  Again, this is an effort to reduce fraud.

All webinars are $30 per attendee unless otherwise noted.  Payment is accepted via credit card ONLY.  Phone calls for registration will be redirected to the website.  There are absolutely no refunds.

On Demand Online Webinars

Each of these webinars is available on demand and have been approved by NYS and the APFSP for 1 Online Elective CEU.

(New York State allows licensees to earn up to 6 CEU credits biannually using on demand style courses)

Participants must be present in the webinar for the entire presentation to receive a certificate of completion. Webinar attendees will be redirected to an affirmation form at the conclusion of each webinar.  To receive a certificate, you MUST complete the form. Please check your spam email box if you do not receive the certificate before emailing us.

$30 per Participant unless otherwise noted.  There are absolutely no refunds.

Dr. Penepent discusses ways to promote the profession of funeral service from within.

Eileen Clinton discusses childrens’ responses to death.  This is a must see for any funeral director.

Pastor Shirk draws from scripture to offer ways to cope with Compassion Fatigue.

Steve Johnson discusses the ways today’s funeral consumer has changed, offers practical guidance on ways to guide families, and discusses the role of Celebrants in funeral service.

Dr. Penepent discusses the liability issues surrounding holding unclaimed cremated remains and offers practical guidance on how to properly dispose of them in your funeral home.

National Board Exam Review Webinar Series

This 4-Day intensive NBE Review covers all major subjects testable on the National Board Exam.  Two days will be devoted to Arts and two days will be devoted to Sciences.  All registrations include 3-months unlimited access to the D.E.A.D. Exam Preparation Simulator. (D.E.A.D. Access is provided via voucher at the conclusion of the Webinar Series).

We rely heavily on Taggart’s Review Manual during this series.  It is strongly recommended that you purchase a copy if you do not already own one.  Copies are available from us at a cost of $75/half (Arts & Science) or $135 for the full book.  Both costs include shipping.  If you would like a copy, you may add it at checkout.

December 4 – 7, 2020

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST Daily

Registration is now open!

*If you wish to attend both Arts and Science, you must register for each section individually.

December 4 & 5: Arts Review

Cost: $200

December 6 & 7: Science Review

Cost: $200