Brief Descriptions of
Courses being Offered

This page is devoted to brief descriptions of the courses being offered in
this series of upcoming lecture.

Cemetery Law

Cemetery Regulations & Consumer’s Rights (1 CEU Law): Presented by an official from the New York State Division of Cemeteries, this presentation outlines the consumer’s rights protected under the NYS Cemetery Regulations. From the Right to Memorialize to Understanding a Consanquinity Table, this presentation will unearth concepts that every consumer and funeral director should know.

Sampson Veteran...

Sampson Veteran Cemetery (1CEU). Presenter: William Yale USN (Ret.). Six years ago, Sampson Veteran Cemetery was formed in vacant land that use to be the property of Sampson Military Base in the Finger Lakes area. Now the cemetery is in the 2nd phase of development. This presentation will discuss the history of military cemeteries and how Sampson Veteran Cemetery is growing to meet the burial needs of veterans.

Cremation Law

Regulatings Relating to Cremations (1 CEU Law): Presented by an official from the NYS Division of Cemeteries, this 1 CEU Law presentation outlines the regulations that govern cremations in NYS. From the mandatory 3 page Cremation Authorization Form to the Best Business Practices in dealing with pacemakers and other foreign materials, this presentation answers the burning questions that funeral directors have regarding cremation protocol.

Consumer & Celebrant

The New Consumer & the Celebrant (1CEU): Presenter: Steven L. Johnson
This presentation discusses how the role of the funeral director has changed and the new consume needs the funeral director’s role to be that of a celebrant and keeper of the death rituals.

VA Paperwork

VA Cemeteries and the Process for Burial (1CEU): Presenter: William R. Yale USN (Ret.) This presentation discusses the paperwork and procedures required for burying a US veteran in a VA or military cemetery. From the paperwork required to determine eligibility for burial, to the types of military honors that are available for veterans, this presentation will discuss the procedures for final committal in military cemeteries throughout the United States

General Price List

Making your GPL in Compliance (2 CEUs). Presenter: David R. Penepent, PhD, CFSP. There are many misunderstandings regarding how to create a GPL that is compliant with state and federal regulations. 96% of all GPLs in NYS are not in compliance. This presentation will discuss both FTC and NYS Public Health laws and how to create a compliant GPL. Bring your current GPL to this presentation.

The Obit Life

The Life of the Obituary (1CEU). Presenter: Rev. Matthew Binkewicz. This lecture will evaluate the historical evolution of the obituary from an exclusive realm of affluent white males to people of all races, faces, genders, and economic strata.

Disruption in FS

Pending Disruption in Funeral Services (1CEU). Presented by David R. Penepent, PhD, CFSP. A large number of funeral directors will be retiring in 10 years and mortuary schools are not producing enough students to fill this vacancy. In addition, consumer trends are changing and the industry is slow to respond. This presentation will discuss the attrition cliff problems and how it will disrupt the practice of funeral directing.

Written Condolences

The Art of Writing Condolences (1 CEU): Presented by: Barry Walch. Funeral directors are in unique positions where people look to them for examples of etiquette and proper behavior when dealing with the newly bereaved. This presentation provides examples on how to write 2 different types of condolences; improving the funeral profession, one condolence letter at a time.

Clean Prep-Room

Sanitation in the Embalming Room (1CEU). Presenter: Barry Walch. Sporadic diseases are especially problematic because they show up when conditions in the prep-room are lax. By the time the problem is recognized, it is already a big challenge to get it under control. This presentation discusses how to maintain hygienic control in the prep-room at all times.